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eBike systems from Bosch

Do you have any questions about a repair or replacement of a Bosch eBike Systems part? Please contact your bicycle dealer. He/she will assist you.

Are you a dealer and you have a question about Bosch eBike Systems? Please contact our service provider Magura.

Electric bicycles are increasingly being deployed by towns, cities and companies as part of their green mobility policy. The individual cyclist is becoming ever more inclined to choose an e-bike as the means of transport for commuting to and from work or just for pleasure.

More and more models equipped with the eBike system from Bosch

Bosch has been operating in the e-bike market since 2010. More than 50 bicycle brands now offer e-bikes with a Bosch drive system. The Bosch eBike system consists of the drive unit with motor, control unit and sensors, the battery, and a display that allows operation on the handlebars while working as a bicycle computer.

E-bikes with Bosch drive are high technology bicycles with pedalling being assisted but not replaced. Only when the cyclist exerts physical effort will the electric drive supply extra power via the motor. The amount of extra force is automatically calculated based on the effort exerted by the cyclist.

Two new product lines to meet any desire

In addition to the existing Classic+ line from Bosch, 2014 will see the introduction of two brand new product lines. The Active and Performance Line will supplement the tried and tested Classic+ system that will also remain available on the market. The Performance Line is aimed at sportive and powerful cycling, while the Active Line distinguishes itself by exceptionally harmonious and well-proportioned support. In both new product lines, an optimised sensor concept ensures a vibration-free and quiet drive, with optimised coordination of the components for the best possible action radius.

The Intuvia on-board computer is now offered for all product lines in the colour anthracite for the Performance Line and platinum for the Active Line. The cyclist has the option to choose from five riding modes with this on-board computer: Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo, Off. Walking assistance is also available.

Different types of batteries are available for both new product lines: the PowerPack 300 and PowerPack 400. The batteries are now even easier to assemble and disassemble, and can be charged directly on the bicycle.

A good alternative for commuting to and from work

54% of the Dutch consider the electric bicycle to be a good alternative for commuting to and from work. This is shown in a survey commissioned by Bosch at the end of 2013 among 1,000 Dutch. Cycling comfort and the ability to travel longer distances are the most important reasons for the purchase of an electric bicycle.

29% of the Dutch are planning to buy their next bicycle with an electric motor. The most important reasons for this are cycling comfort, the ability to cover longer distances and poor physical fitness.

For 54% of the Dutch, the price is an important factor when purchasing an electric bicycle. 35% is not willing to pay more than 1,000 € for such a bicycle. For 26%, a budget of 1,000 to 2,000 € is acceptable. Other factors that are important when purchasing an electric bicycle are the lifespan of the battery, the cycling comfort and the drive range.

E-bike of the year

At the FietsVAK 2013 trade fair, the Trek TM500+ was chosen as E-bike of the year 2013 in the Netherlands. The bicycle is fitted with a Bosch eBike system.

The jury report also acclaimed the TM500+ for its “reliable Bosch system for electric bicycles.” According to the jury the long range and optimal weight distribution are further strengths of this bicycle. This was the third E-bike of the year event. An electric bicycle with Bosch system also won in 2012.