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Bosch Transmission Technoloy has many years of combined knowledge and experience within the business, both in the entire CVT design, as the manufacturing of pushbelts.

In recent years Bosch Transmission Technology has experienced strong growth in production volumes. Since 1995 the annual production of pushbelts increased from approximately 250.000 pieces to more than 4 million in 2012. In September 2012 the 25 millionth pushbelt left our factory.

In the future our growth will clearly continue due to the continuously increasing demand for more economical cars and for lower CO2 emissions.


Customer portfolio


Automotive customers all over the world make use of the innovative CVT-solutions of Bosch Transmission Technology. CVT is not only passionately embraced in Japan’s crowded traffic situation; the system is available in many regions around the world for a wide variety of Asian, European and American car models.


The pushbelt has been applied in more than 300 car models worldwide.


Bosch Transmission Technology delivers its pushbelts as so called second tier (T2) supplier directly to transmission manufacturers as well as car manufacturers. Some examples are Jatco, Fuji Heavy Industries and Punch. Yet also Honda, Chery and Hunan Rundar belong to our customer portfolio.


Product portfolio


Bosch Transmission Technology wants to be perceived as preferred partner in the field of CVT technology. Therefore we put an emphasis on close co-operation with our customers. A sound insight of our customer’s specifications and its production processes is extremely important.


Since we strive for the perfect balance between efficiency and performance we would like to be involved in our customer’s development process as earlier as possible. Our state of the art manufacturing facility and well experienced engineering team make us an excellent partner during the stages of concept development to mass production.


Every product is tailored since motor vehicles differ especially when it comes to engine specifications. Nevertheless we strive for standardisation to keep costs at a minimum. The necessary product differentiation is realised by making use of validation programs. Examples of product differentiation are varying belt lengths or differing surface treatments.


Research and Development


Key aspect for our future growth is continuous innovation. Bosch Transmission Technology therefore invests millions of Euros in research and development each year. As inventor of the CVT for passenger cars we have a name to keep which asks for substantial investments.

In the future we keep applying our extensive knowledge to further improve the CVT system as well as the pushbelt focusing on comfort, reliability and efficiency (fuel saving).


Market development


In the coming years the demand for automatic transmission will further increase. Comfort, fuel savings and ever increasing traffic density are important drivers. The specific benefits of the CVT like comfort, efficiency, compactness and adaptability will, according to our opinion, lead to a further rising demand for continuously variable transmissions. The total CVT production was estimated at 7 million units in 2012. Until 2019 the average annual growth rate is expected to be 11%. This means that 14 million vehicles all over the world would be equipped with a CVT in 2019.

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